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Who We Are
We are a very small non-profit group of pet-lovers, led by a Veterinarian, dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and unwanted animals. We rescue cats and dogs and keep them in our own homes until we can find them permanent homes. We believe that this practice of fostering our animals helps us to understand the personality and needs of each pet and then match that pet to the right family.

Adopting a friend
All of our pets are given a full examination by our Vet, have been spayed or neutered and are up-to-date on vaccinations. We do personally deliver each pet to their adopter's home to help assist with getting the new pet settled in. So please understand that we need to restrict our adoptions to the Pittsburgh and surrounding counties area.
Generally, our adoption fee is $250 - $400, including all the medical treatments. There are times, however, when circumstances may cause us to ask more or less for a particular pet.
Each of our foster homes takes an application from a potential adopter. This can be done on the telephone by calling the Critter Care Adoptions line at 724-538-8494 or by calling the adoptive home directly at the number provided on the pet profile. We come to know and love each and every pet we rescue and we expect our adoptive homes to likewise love and keep their pets as members of the family. We ask for veterinary references and will ask for an OK from your landlord if you are a renter. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADOPTION TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON.

Contact Us:
Phone Number: 724-538-8494

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Come Visit Us!
Since all of our pets are kept in foster homes, the location of the particular pet you are interested in may vary. We ask you to understand that we need to complete an application before you may come to visit the pet. We are available by appointment and work very hard to make ourselves as available as possible to potential adoptive families.

Adoption Guidelines
If you are thinking of adopting from us or have already applied to adopt with us, please understand our adoption guidelines.
All existing dogs and cats in the home must be spayed or neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations (we also check back 6 years for past pets). We will not adopt to you if you have an animal that is not fixed.
If you are a person that has given a dog or cat away in the past, we take that seriously. Reason being--if you adopt from us, what is the likelihood that you will give up on our puppy or dog and want to return it to us?
Our application team works so hard to find really good homes for our dogs. If you find our application invasive or too lengthy, then by all means go elsewhere to adopt. We will not change our policies. We have our guidelines in place to make sure you will be a good candidate to give our dog/puppy a forever home. Dogs and cats are not disposable items. Once you make a commitment, we expect you to follow through with that commitment--no matter what.
It takes time to screen adoptive homes like we do. If you don't have the patience for our process, please look elsewhere. Also with rare exceptions, all pets are delivered to their new home so understand we try to stay within a 2 hour drive of the Evans City, PA area.
These are the guidelines we have set up. Please keep them in mind before you apply.

Adoption Forms
If you are interested in adopting one of the pets, please download one of the adoption forms below, print it, complete it, and send it back to us.

Cat Adoption Form.pdfCat Adoption Form.pdfDog Adoption Form.pdfDog Adoption Form.pdf